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Measurement & Analytics

Most learning goals are set to enable strategic direction connected with learning to enhance individual performance. Creating a culture of continuous learning is key to the success of ensuring short-term goals become consistent over time and embedded in the organization’s DNA.

Learning Solutions has helped many organizations succeed when implementing and adapting continuous learning to reinforce and support skills, thus enhancing the investment in their people long term by:

  • Helping organizations recognize when to adjust learning strategies, products, and services so they do not become redundant

  • Ensuring individual skills and knowledge do not depreciate quickly by evaluating the change and measuring impact

  • Creating advocates or champions of the learning continuum to ensure the learning experience maintains momentum

  • Including measures to ensure that skills and behavior change are captured and integrated into the change management required for the business to succeed

  • Developing innovative sustainability and reinforcement to ensure the learning retention supports the business goals and enhances performance

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