Who exactly is Learning Solutions from Syneos Health?

About a decade ago, I was meeting with a client who was in a very stressful situation due to a project that he was leading for his organization as he was determining who the “training vendor” would be. I shared with him that he needed to look beyond the selection process and recognize that the success of this highly visible training initiative was going to have a profound impact on the trajectory of his career. He wasn’t simply picking some “training vendor” to develop some content; but, was making a critical career decision. 

Amongst a number of experiences that shape the basis of our organization, that conversation stuck with me and became a foundational cornerstone on which Learning Solutions is built. This reality is core to the mindset of our team and drives our approach to our business. We look at ourselves as not just another company that develops training; but, we drive the effectiveness of organizations by enhancing capability through innovative learning solutions. We create value for our customers by innovating on every aspect of training, from design and development, to delivery, implementation, sustainability and measurement. And, as we are part of a larger company that is on the front lines of healthcare, we actually have the opportunity to do it on a daily basis.

To deliver on our promises of innovation and quality, we need to constantly add to our team of dedicated learning professionals. We need people who are disciplined, who thrive in an open environment where all team members, regardless of role, have an equal voice. We strongly believe that everyone’s ideas, if expressed, will further evolve our capabilities while developing individual’s strengths and interests, which will improve our deliverables for our clients and advance our team’s own individual career interests.

Since this is a group effort, we must work as one. To do this, we allow every member of our team to manage their world in such a way that it allows them to optimize their own work-life integration to take care of business as well as their family and personal needs. We take this commitment seriously: We believe in flexible working arrangements that allow individuals to determine where they will work from, to manage their own calendars, and to effectively manage their own time. Our goal is to work in such a way that each day our people do whatever they need to do to take care of themselves, their families, and meet their business goals.

We expect our people to hit their billable targets. We expect our people to be available whenever they are needed.  We expect our people to bring their very best to offer each and every day. We expect the highest degree of quality in everything we do.

Despite being part of a huge global organization, Learning Solutions maintains its own unique culture that works well for our individual members, while also keeping us tightly integrated into the larger Syneos Health structure, which enables us to bring our very best to our clients, time and time again.

We are constantly seeking people to join our award-winning organization.  


Whether you are interested in our full-time or contract opportunities, if you are the kind of person who is dedicated to the learning space, if you are the kind of person who desires to make true contributions, if you like to work in an open and collaborative environment, then call us.

Relentless Forward Motion is not just a slogan, it is our way!

Celeste Mosby
General Manager

Learning Solutions from Syneos Health

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