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& Delivery Services

Learning Solutions has a robust global facilitation capability whereby the best trainers worldwide are found, qualified, and added to our network as trusted associates.


Our facilitators are chosen to exceed expectations and achieve business objectives. To ensure that our delivery standards remain superior and effective, we have all of our trainers take a rigorous survey before partnering with us.

This vast network of highly qualified, industry-specific global experts enables us to proficiently match the opportunities we have to their skills, capability, and delivery experience through a variety of facilitator offerings.

Request Facilitation Services
A Facilitator

Examples of facilitation and delivery services include:

Overseeing general sessions/large workshops

Leading small groups/breakouts

Co-facilitating with speakers/clients

Individual field coaching 


Talk to us for more information about outsourcing your training needs, identifying facilitators for your projects, or training your trainers for increased effectiveness.

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