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Learning Solutions from Syneos Health®

Selling & Coaching


Learning Solutions has an established process and best practice approach to the development of custom selling and/or coaching models for our clients.

Learning Solutions always begins by implementing a comprehensive needs assessment in order to gather cross-functional insights. This approach ensures that the models and their implementation content and tools fit with our client selling and/or coaching environment and organizational culture.


Additionally, another important aspect of building new commercial selling and coaching models is first considering the evolving healthcare landscape and its impact on the selling environment. This is important since the market and your particular brands will focus us on the most important pillars of the models. These insights also impact the pull-through of the models and align to the best learning experiences.

Off-the-Shelf Aligning Perspectives Customer Engagement Framework

Learning Solutions’ Aligning Perspectives is a strategic customer engagement framework that has been developed to address the gaps that have rendered traditional selling approaches less effective in the evolving marketplace.


Aligning Perspectives requires customer-facing roles to understand account stakeholders at a deeper level through their roles, motivations, and influences. Based on this deeper understanding, customer-facing roles can strategize for each stakeholder and, finally, engage effectively.

Off-the-Shelf Aligning Perspectives Coaching Model

The Learning Solutions approach to the value of good coaching spans the spectrum of corrective, developmental, and supportive actions. Corrective action encourages leading people to independently recognize their challenges and opportunities and take corrective action quickly. Developmental action speaks to the development of knowledge and skills of the people a coach is managing in order to help people realize what obstacles they must overcome to accomplish their goals. Supportive action reinforces positive behaviors appropriately and facilitates growth support opportunities.

The EPIC framework is the manner in which a team will implement and sustain the concepts in the Aligning Perspectives customer engagement model and workshop.


The manager’s role in Aligning Perspectives is to:

  • Support customer-facing teams in applying the Aligning Perspectives customer engagement framework and evoke within them a competitive, winning mindset to selling.

  • Utilize the EPIC model to successfully engage team members to implement and sustain Aligning Perspectives in the field.

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