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Graphics & Design

Creative communication blended with learning strategy


Ensure deliverables are visually engaging, cohesive, on-brand, relevant, and enjoyable for the audience.

Present content in a visual structure that best represents the content, and makes the content readable in the most efficient manner possible

Bring the content to life with visuals that are engaging, on-brand, and range from fun to elegant in appeal

Consult on best practices and align to processes that achieve optimal results against client goals


Quality design is most impactful for our end-user—the learner.

Our goal is for our designs to entice interest, guide the learner through content, aid in knowledge retention, and effectually drive behavior. The design is the framework that allows the content and the journey to shine.


Learners benefit from clear, effectively designed materials. Our clients benefit from an enlightened team with time to spare. See below for some stats that drive home the importance of solid design principles we work towards.

The perceived attractiveness of a design to perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, and perceived enjoyment, all of which had implications on intended and actual use of the end layout.

Effects of Design Aesthetics on the Perceived Value of a Product

Delivering visual storytelling for every client need

84% of consumers believe that consistent design across all touchpoints reinforces a brand’s credibility

Monique Solomons

120 design statistics: design principles, technological trends, and sustainable design

Professional graphic designers help ensure client materials are visually congruent, tell a proper story, and will make sense to the audience.


Ensuring content is contemporary, on-brand, and presented in an organized fashion gives our clients a consistent, streamlined uptake of information from a trusted source.


Strong design treatments, concepts, and creative ideas pique learner interest, helping them buy into the message being conveyed, making it memorable and action-inducing.


A team of design professionals that pushes boundaries and explores new creative territories

The design team creates a wide variety of layouts and imagery for our clients’ custom training modalities to ensure deliverables are visually engaging, cohesive, on-brand, relevant, and enjoyable for the audience.


Ensuring structure behind creativity

We channel our design concepts through a structured development process that allows for maximum creativity while remaining connected to the client brand, timeline, and training objectives.


We use our proprietary agile framework to guide development of new custom visual identities for client training materials.

A well-designed logo can positively impact a brand's reputation by 78%, decreasing customer trust and declining market share.


E-module/Video storyboarding and design


Communication Design


Visual Identity for New Training Intiatives


Training/marketing brand refresh


SOP storyboarding and design




Annotated PI/Trial

module design


Interactive e-zine


Therapeutic Area training


Medical illustration and art direction


Live/Virtual Launch Theme concepting


Marketing collateral


Character/avatar illustration


Creative consultation


Scientific posters

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