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MODAL is the one app you need for all your learning and development needs. MODAL is a fully validated system, a powerful hybrid LXP/LMS that will meet all your Learning & Development  key performance indicators (KPIs).

MODAL is more than just a training platform. It offers a transformative journey that reimagines learning and gives learners a fresh perspective.

MODAL’s robust feature set:

  • Personalized learning experience

  • Content aggregation

  • Social learning

  • Multiple ways to deploy skills pathways

  • Analytics/data visualization on demand

  • Bi-directional content and data flow with client systems

  • AI (artificial intelligence) Librarian

  • Recommendation Engine

  • Question board

  • Gamification

  • Coaching suite including SHARP Field
    Coaching Report (FCR) Tool


MODAL’s API enables seamless integration with other systems, fostering a cohesive ecosystem for learning, operational excellence, and strategic foresight.


This interoperability is crucial for adapting to the evolving demands of the biopharmaceutical sector and the healthcare industry.


MODAL uses learning strategy, machine learning, and data to create personalized learning journeys, enhancing training for both leaders and individual learners.


Advanced AI curates tailored learning pathways based on each team member’s unique skills, experience, and preferences.


What if you had access to data all along your learners’ professional journey, from foundational knowledge to sales data. And what if you could harness the power of AI to tweak performance on an individualized basis? The era of personalized learning is here, and MODAL has it!


There are great standard features that come with MODAL, but you can also add immersive, interactive, and even just-in-time digital deliverables that work seamlessly within. We have built quite a few over the years including:

The Data Visualizer

The Verbalizer

The Treatment Landscape

AI Assist

The Patient Journey Experience

And custom games galore!


MODAL stands out by blending the best of AI innovation with the irreplaceable value of human insight. Our team of experts works tirelessly behind the scenes, ensuring that every feature, tool, and update is aligned with ethical standards and geared toward genuine, impactful learning experiences. That means that our technology is infused with the talents of everyone in Syneos Health Learning Solutions: solution designers, learning strategists, creatives, writers, and account teams.

The experience, skill, and passion of Syneos Learning Solutions along with the technology acumen of MODAL have led to the latest version of MODAL.

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