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Learning Strategy
& Content Creation

We have a long history of creating solutions using innovative approaches in both design and delivery to meet the unique needs of each customer.

Our clients embrace our ability to create trainings that meet the needs of multiple business units in an organization, as this ensures a consistent and synergistic approach to training within an organization.

Examples of Our Custom Live & Virtual Training Solutions 


Engagement Model Deployment

Contract Training & Facilitation Services

Product & Disease State Knowledge

Sales Effectiveness Training





Market Access Knowledge Training

Real World Effectiveness Training

(MSL & CNE) Training

Leadership Effectiveness


Live & Virtual Workshops

From live workshop sessions to virtual classrooms, virtual conferences, and WebEx solutions, we develop options to meet your needs. Our solutions engage your learners whether they’re in small groups, entire companies, or geographically dispersed.


Learning Solutions has the instructional design and training modality expertise to manage your entire distance learning development process from beginning to end. We deliver our training modules using any modality or platform needed to meet your objectives, from virtual preceptorships, case studies and e-courses to iPad training, audio courses, and e-zine or print modules.

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