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Knowledge Evaluations & Selling Skills Assessments

Assessing knowledge and evaluating skills are powerful tools for gathering valuable information regarding behavioral trends that, when set against performance results, provides directional guidance. 

We have implemented an assessment strategy that gathers a variety of data points (e.g., objective observations data, test scores, qualitative data), which can then be tied to strategic business objectives, brand strategy, and quantitative sales performance to provide a clearer picture on what is happening in the market.


Specifically, for skills, we have developed an evaluation process and associated tools that we have leveraged with multiple companies to demonstrate a positive impact of training on sales performance, which provides directional guidance on what interventions should be put in place. In the last year alone, we have launched eight field teams and have been able to gather data points over time to provide our clients with a better understanding of what skills are likely driving performance in the field.

Further to that, to assess knowledge, we have developed a series of “IQ” tools that measure both competence and confidence for which we can identify the gaps that exist between the knowledge of those in customer-facing roles and the knowledge that is critical for winning in the market. MAIQ (Market Access IQ) assesses your field team’s understanding of the healthcare marketplace latest issues and trends, as well as their knowledge of the evolution of the business of medicine versus the benchmark. When results are evaluated versus our benchmark, we’re provided a view into their ability to be competitive in the marketplace.


The juxtaposition of competence and confidence results in key topics providing directional guidance on whether training should be focused on knowledge (i.e., Low Competence, High Confidence) or skill-building (i.e., High Competence, Low Confidence).

  • MAIQ: Market Access IQ           

  • AMIQ: Account Manager IQ

  • MxIQ: Marketer IQ

  • MedIQ: Medical Affairs/MSL IQ


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