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Insights and Gathering

Assessment & Insights Gathering Capability

Our Insights Gathering team is focused on gaining an in-depth understanding of the patient perception of care, HCP decision drivers, and dichotomy healthcare relationships. Understanding the behavioral, emotional, and clinical factors that influence healthcare services are vital to building engagement and improving health outcomes. We integrate patient, care-partner, and healthcare provider perspectives into all aspects of the drug development lifecycle to ensure their valuable experience insights are represented.

Customized research aimed to uncover the drivers of patient and physician activity across the clinical journey.

Creation of clear frameworks that identifies and prioritizes patient and HCP engagement opportunities.

Leveraged internal expertise to combine patient advocacy, storytelling, translational health science, implementation science, and behavioral science capabilities to put patient perspectives at the forefront of innovation.

Our methodologies allow for the integration of stakeholder engagement by partnering directly with HCPs, patients, families, and patient advocates to develop actionable insights into the needs and priorities of our client’s target populations.



By gaining healthcare insights, we capture experiences, perspectives, needs, and priorities that can shape clinical trial optimization, implementation and knowledge dissemination strategies, and inform future clinical development opportunities. We turn insights into relevant actions that can improve patient engagement and study success.

Services Available

Qualitative and Quantitative Protocol Development

Patient Experience Journey Mapping

Tailored Surveys Development and Deployment

HCP/Patient Dialogues

Patient/HCP Burden Assessment

Patient Advisory Panels/ Focus Groups

Patient-Reported Outcome Selection

Instrument Development and Validation

In-depth Interviews

Decentralized Deployment Opportunities

Quality of Life Assessment

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